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Professional Services

Antarchitecture Music will gladly help you with your mixing and mastering. 

Mixing - $100

Mixing is the process that begins when all the tracks are recorded and edited. It has a huge impact on how the song will be perceived by the listeners.

Mastering - $25

Mastering is the last thing that happen to the song before release. Without proper mastering the record will never reach its full potential. 

To place an order just simply contact us (example mixes are further down)

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          The man behind Antarchitecture Music is Andreas Frantz.  He was born in Stockholm, Sweden,  1989. 

          He used to perform in bands and his go-to instruments are piano and guitar. Later he realized that playing live was not what he wanted to do. This encouraged him to use his talent to produce beats and make the music sound great for the artists instead. 

          In 2014 he graduated from studying Music Production and Audio Engineering at University College Dalarna, Sweden. With the bachelors degree in hand he decided to start a mixing and mastering business.